Monday, September 20, 2010

The Real Trek begins !!!

DAY 2, SEPT. 19

Rick and I both ached from head to toe, and shoulder-to-shoulder. It was all of the lifting and stretching, loading up the beast for the big trip. Lunch in Bullhead City adjacent to Laughlin. The Colorado River looks like it has less water in it than ever. Hopefully, the winter rains in the north will help. From here, Hwy. 40 is a high desert terrain, interrupted by piles of huge boulders and jagged lava flows dusted with piles of sand. Hours of boredom later, the bleak terrain gave way to mountains, as we climbed to an elevation of nearly 7.000 feet. I say, “climbed,” when it was actually more of a chug-along at 45 mph in the steepest sections of the highway. The cedar pines were sparse at first, but the higher we got, the thicker the forest became. By the time the roadway leveled out, we were back up to speed, and the beauty spread out before us like a postcard: cornflower blue sky, a pillow-soft clouds, and a blanket of green forests stretching to the horizon.

Tonight, we stayed just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. I cooked a nice fajita dinner, and we stayed aboard the rest of the night. The temperature dropped from slightly too warm to eat outside, to a very chilly 58 degrees inside the coach in the early morning hours. Rick turned the heater on for the first time, and we were snug as the proverbial bug in a shag rug.

Tomorrow, we’ll spend time shopping, eating, and exploring Flagstaff.

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