Friday, September 24, 2010

RAIN ! Inside and out !

SEPT. 25

Never made it into the Petrified Forest, as the sky decided to cloud up and dump rain all over the area. There was massive flooding in Albuquerque, where residents experienced the most rain in recorded history! Anyone who knows about our travels will understand the humor in this, although what we usually hear is that the area we visit – no matter where we are in the world – is having the hottest weather recorded in their history. We’ve become used to such things and simply roll our eyes every time another “record” something or other happens just in time for our visit.

I just love working in the rain ! 
The storm was warm (almost tropical), and the RV park was unpaved, though there were patches of gravel scattered across portions of the red, muddy ground. Puddles turned into tiny lakes, and I wondered if we were in an area subject to flash flooding. Thankfully, the pounding storm moved East, and we finally got on the road about lunch time, trailing slightly behind the nasty weather.

One thing we’ve already learned about spending a lot of time on the road is that just about everywhere you go, there will be an Indian casino with a buffet. The food is almost always terrific (a good way to draw people there to gamble), and is always very reasonable. And for me, the cook, if we eat a larger meal at lunch time, I can open a can of soup or mix up a protein drink for dinner.

Great buffet lunch at the casino outside Albequerque.

After finding a nice RV park, opening up the slide-outs, and settling in, I opened an upper cupboard and discovered a small flood inside. Water had dripped from an apparent leak that had given way in the deluge of water the night before. So (sigh), it was into the nearest RV repair shop for repairs.

By the time we picked up Shamu, it was too late to make our next destination. We ran errands while the RV was in the shop, so we only went a little further and found another place to stay overnight. One thing we have discovered since being on the road is that most of the RV parks are built directly next to the busy highway! I don’t understand the logic in this. Why don’t they simply put a sign directing anyone with an RV towards their location?? But, no! The RV park is often located on the frontage road, so that you feel as if you’re sleeping on the highway. Needless to say, one of the first purchases we made was a package of ear plugs. Still, there wasn’t much sleep happening this night. Several motorcycles raced back and forth for well over an hour about midnight. Oh, did I mention the train tracks that were nearby? Toot, toot!!!!

KoA campgrounds seem to be the worst, when it comes to the noise factor. Tonight we’ll search for a NON-KoA. A place far enough away from the highway that you can hear a pin drop!

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