Sunday, September 19, 2010



After several days of frustration with Time Warner and problems with our alarm system, we finally got on the road; albeit two days later than planned! We were both exhausted and hot, so we decided to stop just outside of Barstow at the foot of the mountains where Calico Ghost Town is located. It was a KoA campground, and in spite of its location in the Calif. Desert, there were trees and bushes providing a smitten of shade. Our first night was pleasant. When we arrived, it was 111 degrees outside. We felt a guilty; we were so comfortable, sitting in our RV with the air conditioning, color t.v., and fully equipped kitchen. I made a simple dinner and had made a low-cal macaroni salad to go with the main course, veggie dogs. It takes time figuring out where you’ve stashed items, like the napkins. But it’s coming along, and in a couple of weeks, we should have this whole thing down pat!

When we checked into the campground office, a very British couple was at the desk. They were not-so-fresh off of a big Harley that they rented in L. A. Her fair skin had turned the color of strawberry juice…with the exception of the reverse-raccoon circles around her pale blue eyes. The area that wasn’t sunburned looked as if she still had on a pair of paper-white goggles. I felt pity for the poor Brits. Some travel agent in London had obviously talked her and her husband into this trip. Ah, yes, the adventure of a motorcycle ride through the “beautiful” Calif. Desert. Surely it would be a wonderful experience, since there are no deserts in Britain. Obviously, no one had warned the couple that the desert is still blazing hot in Sept. She commented that she had had enough of the sun to last her for a life time. The couple rented the Indian teepee – no amenities, no air conditioning, no nothing. It remained around 100 degrees until about 8 p.m. Then ever so slowly, the temperature dipped into the low 60s (from the oven to the refrigerator).

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